Hallo my beloved friends…

Proudly I invite u all to the event:

Training of Making Breads

Saturday-Sunday, 19-20 February 2011

@my Home


1 day 300.000

2 days 500.000

Day 1, schedule agenda:

– Theoretical  about anything making  breads

–  Theoretical to start breads business

– Practice Roti Tawar Taiwanese

-Practice Pizza mixed Indonesia, Italian nd Taiwanese

Day 2:

– Practice Sweet Breadtalk

– Practice Donuts ala Dunkin mixed to Taiwanese


If u want to, u can register to my mail or inbox..

The benefits of this training:

NO Mixer, NO Lights..

Use the newest method of making Bread, Bread Stick (add 100.000 for buy)


Growing Apples

I found  a nice article and i was feeling it’s inspire me to always be optimistic, never give up, not underestimate small things,and keep hoping..It’s story about apple seed, yup u know already ….Probably we thought it’s just a small seed, a black and we almost always throned it away in the rubbish. Could u thought that it was would be a big beautiful apple tree? Who know. Ok, not at all would be a beautiful tree, just one , two or three from many seeds we planted but that’s’ the lesson we learned.Why don’t we try to hold on the seeds into our hand, and planting it? similar with why don’t we try to hope and dream of a big successful. Indeed, this not easy, but whoever are success, almost they started from the zero, from the nothing and faced many storm of life.They did’nt gave up. When they gave up at the second or third steps, might be they couldn’t be they were now, a successful human.

Yes,try to think…And how an apple seed made me think about success.

This is the story begin, check it out!

very like this story 🙂

Growing Apples

One day I stopped to think about growing apples. I was munching a delicious, juicy apple and took a big bite. As a result I got an apple seed into my mouth. I spat it out into my hand, with the intention of throwing it away. But instead I looked at the apple seed. Really looked. It was very dark brown, almost black. Its shape reminded me of a candle flame. A little dark brown candle flame.

I realized I was holding an apple tree in the palm of my hand. A little seed with the potential to become a beautiful big tree – a tree that could grow thousands of apples in its lifetime. Thousands of apples, each containing several seeds, each capable of growing a new tree which again could produce thousands of apples. Why then the world wasn’t filled with apple trees?

It is a rule of nature that only a few of these seeds grow. Most never do or are destroyed early on in their growth.

growing apples - apple seedAnd it came to my mind it’s quite often so with people’s dreams also. Wonderful ideas come to our minds but they die too soon – we don’t tend to the little saplings, we don’t protect them as we should. And then one day we wonder what happened to our dreams – why did they never come true?

I put the apple seed on the table, and bent down to see how the light was reflected from it, this nature’s tiny wonder. I wondered when someone was seriously growing apples, how many times they had to try to get a seed to germinate? How much work did it require?

Maybe it was like with our dreams: the seeds of your dreams did not automatically grow. Like planting an apple tree It might take many try: like a hundred job applications to get that good job. You might send your manuscript out two hundred times before it was accepted. You might meet dozens of people until you met the true friend.

But if you kept on sowing the seeds of your dream, one day you would succeed. And after that others would comment you were lucky to be successful – when in fact you probably failed more often than you would like to count. But you were good at failing – you learned, you adapted, and then with your new knowledge you tried again. And again. And again. And one day success was yours.

I picked up the apple seed again – but instead of throwing it away I took an empty flower-pot, poured some earth into it and planted the seed. Maybe one day it would grown into a proud tree. I’d never knew if I didn’t try.

Read more: http://www.inspirational-short-stories.com/growing-apples.html#ixzz1C2tL2cz9
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Alhamdulillah ‘alaa kulli haal, Yaa Rabb

November 4th,  is our date of marriage. More precisely, 3 years more ago (4 November 2007), I took off my single days and promised to develop as dead as lively household with my husband. 

3 years …. Age of marriage is still relatively very young, still corn age, not the age of a gold or a silver wedding. Well, apparently I doubt I was able to arrive at the golden wedding later, even the silver, no one can guarantee the age (Allohu a’lam bishshowab). Whatever it is, hopefully lasting up to grandparents and can have pious offsprings…Amiin 🙂
3 years …. We still understand and see the plus-minus each other. Overcoming all the life problems that come together. 3 years full of laughter, but there are also tears. Full of joy, but there is also sorrow. Full of happy cheerful, but there are also difficult. As the saying goes, incomplete vegetables without salt. Like married life, there is no maturing process without any life trials  we experienced. 

But, whatever it is, we don’t go it alone, but together, with you. That’s what makes us able to survive, because we are a pair of partners, not me not you, that there are us. And Alloh blessings is everything to us, reaches His Heaven and Paradise latter is our goal of life. Insha Alloh 🙂

Now 3 years, hunny … Trials of life is still a little, let’s hold on my hand facing the future with the  various storms of life  are much greater, let us achieve our dreams and the main reach of His blessings of our little family … …. 🙂

Moving Home

2,5 months we just moved home for the 5th time in 3 years we married 🙂

Still adaptation
Still overcome by boredom
Still feeling lonely

Especially when my hubby left me for work & lecture

I hope I can adapt quickly in this new one

Alhamdulillahilladzi bi ni’matihi tathimushsholihat ^_^

Insomnia 불면증 ???

Well, I don’t  know why last 2 months I moved home  I’ve staying up solely. Usually at 10 pm already go to bed, now at that time my eyes still fresh & literate, so often OL at night early morning coz of sleepless. Was I insomnia? Ah, i hope nope. But, really hard to sleep, when I’ve read a prayer. Maybe it’s influenced because often sleep in the day time….hehehe 😀

But I’m not interested in drinking something ‘weird’ to quickly sleepy. Only natural way, closed my eyes though not yet sleepy, will  sleep slowly. Or bulging the laptop for 1 hour, my eyes will be tired, then sleep well . Could not help but being forced to sleep, so that I’ll be working optimally tomorrow (^^,)  V

A Glimpse of Hangul letters

Basic Conservation

Honestly, this language really kinda hard (for me), both writing and reading , it’s  so different in my tongue, because they have their own way of pronunciation (or accent). Korean language called Hangul, coz created by King Sejong the Great, from the Chosun Dynasty in 1443. The number of Hangul characters is 24 which consists of 10 vowels and 14 consonants. And the writing could be from left to right or top to bottom by combining vowels and consonants to form a syllables.

It’s hard, if I said one Hangul letter can mean  3 Latin letters.

Here, how to pronunciation:
1) Vowels ( this is Hangul vowels)

2) Consonant (this is Hangul consonant)


for instance
야유[yayu] 여유[yeoyu]
오이[oi] 우유[uyu] 이유[iyu]
ㄱ[giyeok] ㄴ[nieun] ㄷ[digeut] ㄹ[rieul]
ㅁ[mieum] ㅂ[bieup] ㅅ[siot] ㅇ[ieung]
ㅈ[jieut] ㅊ[chieut] ㅋ[kieuk] ㅌ[tieut]
ㅍ[pieup] ㅎ[hieut]
for instance) ㄱ :
거기[geogi] 고가[goga] 고기[gogi] 아가[aga]

ㅏ [a] + ㄴ[nieun] + ㅣ[i] +  [o] —–> combined —–>아니오 [Anio] means NOT

other examples and their meanings  ( first basic conservation ..hehehe) :

네.(예.) [ Ne.(ye.)]

아니오. [Anio.]

여보세요. [Yeoboseyo.]

안녕하세요. [Annyeong-haseyo.]
How are you.

안녕히 계세요. [Annyong-hi gyeseyo.]

안녕히 가세요. [Annyeong-hi gaseyo.]

어서 오세요. [Eoseo oseyo.]

고맙습니다.(감사합니다.) [Gomapseumnida. (Gamsahamnida.)]
Thank you.

천만에요. [Cheonmaneyo.]
Thank you again.

미안합니다.(죄송합니다.) [Mianhamnida. (Joesong-hamnida.)]

괜찮습니다.(괜찮아요.) [Gwaenchansseumnida.]
It’s okay.

실례합니다. [Sillyehamnida.]
Excuse me.

To be loved without demand

In my first year-marriage, to be honest, I ever said to my husband, “Huney, sorry I couldn’t cooked yet anymore, just little bit cook noodle instant or hot water, in addition I didn’t like to cook even the smell of kitchen or seasoning too sometimes makes me nauseous. Thus, I’m not skilled for it”. Wow, so innocent, I said it. “No problem” answered he was  ” I love u what u are, it could be practiced some day”. Thats one of many reasons why I respect him. Yeah, he loves me what I was, he didn’t require me to be a woman he wanted. He wait me to change. Change to being a really true woman, to learned how way to be his better spouse, do my  “love” duties –> learn to cook, a wife have to do.

As we go on, I learned to cook gradually. Yes, my first dishes “Rib Soup”  successfully made. He admired me. He said “I know u can, u can do it same with others, u great…its have good taste, I’m proud of u” . Therefore, it gave huge spirit to myself to make him happier day by day. Girls, cooking is really interesting thing, it’s one way to pleasing your husbands. Ur husbands would appreciate ur efforts, like me. He stood up without required a lot things to me and approached me.

Thanx darling, you’re awesome…MashaAlloh, Alloh Bless u. Aamiin (^_^)